No one can eavesdrop on your private phone calls

The World's Most Powerful Digital Voice Encryption Technology to Protect the Security of Voice Communications

ReliaSpeak SEM1 Crypto Phone

SEM1 CryptoPhone

High-performance Android smartphone, supports encrypted calls over GSM/UMTS cellular voice channels, VoLTE,and public VoIP channels...

ReliaSpeak TEC100 Landline Encryptor

MEC520 Mobile Encryptor

Hardware encryption device, used with Android phone or iPhone, to effectively protect user call privacy...

ReliaSpeak MEC520 Mobile Encryptor

TEC100 Lindline Encryptor

A new generation of landline encryption product, Guard-style design,supports ordinary 2-wire or 4-wire analog phone...

Leading secure voice
communication technology

Reliable privacy protection

Reliable privacy protection

Using digital speech coding and high strength encryption algorithm, eliminate the risk of leakage caused by analogue voice residue in the line, end-to-end full call encryption protection, security self-control...[more]

Support multiple voice channels​

Support multiple voice channels​

Encrypt and modulate the original voice, support a variety of voice communication channels, including GSM/UMTS cellular voice, VoLTE, PSTN, VoIP, and walkie-talkies...[more]

Good interoperability

Good interoperability

Support landline, mobile, VoIP interoperability, encrypted calls are no longer limited by telephone type, communication mode, regional, and telecom operators...[more]

Product development services

We fully understand the specific needs and safety concerns of different customers for encrypted calls products, and provide a variety of cooperation modes, including security solution integration, product development, core technology licensing, etc., to help customers quickly develop their own voice encryption products.